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Manly Man 'Large Kit' with Rugged Tool Bag

$99.99 $150.87

The FiberFix Manly Man 'Large Kit' with Rugged Tool Bag has it all. With 20 rolls of FiberFix Product and a UV Repair Pen and Flash Repair Pen to boot, you'll be ready to fix almost anything that breaks. 

  • 6 Small Fixes - 1" Multipack
  • 4 Medium Fixes - 2" Multipack
  • 2 Large Fixes - 4" Single pack
  • 6 Rigid Patch Fixes
  • 2 Heat Wrap Fix
  • UV Repair Pen - multiple small fixes
  • Flash Repair Pen - multiple small fixes

This is a limited time offer at over 33% off - this kit is not available in stores.

FiberFix combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resin into a repair wrap that hardens like steel - providing a permanent fix. Simply activate the repair wrap in water, wrap tightly around the broken object, and your item will be repaired within 10-15 minutes. Don't replace it, FiberFix it!