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FiberFix 4" Repair Wrap


The FiberFix 4" Repair Wrap is our widest and longest version of the original FiberFix. It is perfect solution for larger jobs such as leaky pipes, split wooden posts, broken tools and myriad other fixes. FiberFix is air cured (accelerated in water) to harden like steel! Simply dip the tape in water, wrap it around whatever you need to fix and in 10 minutes it hardens to give you a permanent repair! 

  • 100 Times stronger than duct tape.
  • Hardens like steel in just 10 minutes.
  • Perfect for permanently fixing leaky pipes, broken tools, broken frames, fishing poles, tent poles, and anything else you can wrap it around.
  • For repairs where the object being repaired is wrappable. Not for flat surfaces.
  • 4" width medium size. 
  • Roll size: 60" L x 4" W x 0.10 Thickness
  • Single role. One time use per wrap. 1 wrap = 1 fix.
  • Sandable and paintable, and can withstand up to 300°F and down to -30°F.
  • Package includes disposable gloves, sandpaper for prep, instructions and a vinyl strip for binding the repair tight. 

The idea for FiberFix came when a surgeon used casting tape to repair his ATV in the desert. From there, innovative minds took the concept of casting tape and refined it to where FiberFix is today- waterproof, ultra strong, and built to last as a permanent repair.

FiberFix combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resin into a repair wrap that hardens like steel - providing a permanent fix. Simply activate the repair wrap in water, wrap tightly around the broken object, and your item will be repaired within 10-15 minutes. Don't replace it, FiberFix it!